Snap Send Solve

Snap Send Solve is an app for your smartphone that makes reporting issues quick and easy!

This smartphone app conveniently adds the location to a photo and logs an issue with Council that includes the incident type, description, and (optionally) your contact details. Things you can report include graffiti; overhanging vegetation; animal control; parking; air quality, environmental and water problems; damage to signs and other public assets like parks, seats and playgrounds.

Issues reported using Snap Send Solve are processed during normal office hours. Please contact our Customer Service Centre 03 546 0200 (24 hours/7 days) if you have an urgent request. You can also report issues through the Snap Send Solve website and our Fix-a-gram service.

PLEASE NOTE: A small number of Snap Send Solvers have been impacted by a bug that occurred with our most recent update to Snap Send Solve for iPhone (version 4.9.0), released on Monday, September 24. If you are an iPhone user who updated to version 4.9.0, reports submitted by you since you downloaded this update may have not been received.

This issue has been resolved in a new update for iPhone that is currently available, version 4.9.1. We encourage you to download and install this new version before sending any further reports. If you believe your report was impacted by the bug, we would recommend resending your report once you’ve downloaded and installed our new version.

To resend reports in Snap Send Solve, simply open the app, select History > tap on the report > tap on Resend in the top right hand corner of the screen, and the report will automatically be sent.


send snap solve screenies


To install the app onto your device use the links below or search your app store for 'Snap Send Solve'.

Apple App Store Google App Store

How to send a request

  1. Tap Start to file a report
  2. Take a photo
  3. Choose an Incident Type
  4. Include your details
  5. Tap Send to send the location
  6. Council will then contact you once your issue has been resolved.