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This is an archive of Council's media releases from 2011-18. Media Releases are now available at

18 Dec 2018

Council offers support to Nelson Giants

At its meeting last week, Council approved a reduced rate of $35,000 per annum for the Nelson Giants use of the Trafalgar Centre (affectionately known by the team and fans as “The Hangar”) for their matches in the 2019 and 2020 playing seasons.

14 Dec 2018

Modellers Pond trial decision reached

At Thursday’s Council meeting a decision was made to continue the Diatomix trial at the Modellers Pond for a further five months at a cost of $130,000 to fully assess its effectiveness.

16 Nov 2018

Take the time to smell the roses

Among the Roses is a 50-year tradition that dates back to the first Rose Sunday held to mark the opening of the Samuels Rose Garden at Broadgreen House in 1968.