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Waimea Road Speed Limit change consultation

Submissions have now closed. Thank you for your feedback. 

Nelson City Council is consulting with the community on a proposal to change the current 70km/h speed limit on Waimea Road to 50km/h.

This applies to a 1.3km section of road, from 240m south of Market Road and 200m north of the Beatson Road roundabout.

The reasons for this proposal are to provide:

  • improved road safety on this section of Waimea Road
  • a workable speed environment for the proposed new intersection of Princes Drive with Waimea Road.

A copy of the full Statement of Proposal is available from the Council office in Trafalgar Street, the Nelson, Stoke and Tahunanui Libraries or online at

Submissions have now closed. For those who wanted to speak to Council in support of their submission, a hearing will be held on 6 March 2019. 

Key Issues

Please read the full statement of proposal (linked below) for complete details but the following is a summary of the key issues it contains.


The proposed reduced speed limit aims to reduce the risk of fatal or serious injury accidents. Two speed-related crashes (one serious and one minor) have happened to date on this section of Waimea Road in 2018.

Speed management framework

In terms of the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) Speed Management Guide, the safe and appropriate speed for an area of this type is 50km/h.

Implications for traffic flows

Reducing the speed limit from 70km/h to 50km/h will add 30 seconds to the journey time at times traffic can travel at the speed limit. It will add up to 15 seconds when traffic is travelling at current average speeds and have no effect on journey time at peak times when the road is congested.

Proposed new intersection

We have heard from some people who are interested in giving feedback on the proposed speed limit change for Waimea Road, but want to have more information about the proposed road connection with Princes Drive, in order to guide their submission. To meet that need, we have developed this document (284KB PDF), which covers the most commonly asked questions and aimed to give some useful answers. If you have any further questions that aren’t covered here please email us at

Pedestrians and cyclists

Cyclists can be vulnerable road users on busy and fast moving roads. While there is an off-road shared path available, many commuter cyclists prefer to stay on the road. Lowering the traffic speed will improve safety for them.

Footpaths are not available everywhere on this section of Waimea Road. Lowering the speed will improve safety for pedestrians, and allow for the possibility of future changes to the road layout to provide a footpath.