Proposed Reserve Revocation – Emano East Reserve

Council proposes to ask the Minister of Conservation to remove the reserve status of the Emano East Reserve, as described below.

Nelson City Council Lot 1DP4341 0.7664 hectares NL10B/0165

The steep contour of the property limits its ability to be utilised as a park and there are already a number of alternatives located within close proximity – Pipers Reserve, Emano St West and Murphy North Reserve.

The property consists of 7,664m2 with steep contours,rising from the Emano Street frontage.The land is grassed and planted with trees and shrubs with potential for up to six lots provided sufficient land stabilising solutions are completed.

A plan showing the property is available for viewing at Nelson City Council, 110 Trafalgar Street.

Submissions have now closed. 

Emano East Reserve Map