Draft Water Supply and Wastewater Bylaws

Submissions are now closed for both bylaws. No hearings are required.  Deliberations on the submissions received will take place at the Works and Infrastructure Committee meeting on 16 September 2014


New bylaws are required to replace Nelson’s Trade Waste Bylaw, which will expire in 2014 and the Water Supply Bylaw, which will expire in 2015.

The Council’s proposed replacement bylaws are amended versions of the existing bylaws.

With regards to Trade Waste, Council’s preferred option is to replace the Trade Waste Bylaw 2007 with a new Wastewater Bylaw that controls Wastewater (including Trade Waste) from all premises and activities in the city.

Minor changes are proposed to the 2008 Water Supply Bylaw to remove uncertainties in interpretation.

Council also proposes to remove the details of fees and charges related to both Water Supply and Wastewater from the two bylaws, and to instead include these in future Long Term Plans and Annual Plans. This will avoid the need to go through a change of the bylaws due to changes in the charging regime.

More detail about these two proposed bylaws are available below.

For further information please contact Phil Ruffell, Senior Asset Engineer - Utilities, on ph 545-8739 or by email to phil.ruffell@ncc.govt.nz.